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Student exchange programs

Our aim is to give our students the best possible preparation for their life after school and to increase their chances of getting the jobs they want. Therefore we offer a variety of different projects and encourage students to participate actively.


In 2007, we started our student exchange program with Hölters College in Villa Ballester, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Hölters College offers educational programs in four different fields: humanities, natural science, technological field and business administration. Students receive a high school diploma qualifying them for university entrance. German is taught as the major foreign language with six lessons per week throughout all programs. At Adam-Josef-Cüppers Vocational College Spanish is taught as a foreign language.
The idea behind this program is to offer students the chance to improve their language skills as well as taking part in a direct cultural exchange. Students of year 11 may apply for this program. It starts two weeks before and ends one week after the summer vacation, running for about two and a half months. Students stay in host families and are supposed to take part in all activities. This includes attending school and participating in school activities.
From February to March 2007 we hosted our first four students from Hölters College. They had the chance to actively take part in German school life, meaning not only attending lessons but also joining clubs and participating in extracurricular activities. What is more they learned a lot about the German way of life while staying in German host families. Last but not least our guests had the chance to explore Germany by taking organised trips to Nuremberg and Munich.

Wuxi, China

We are working on an exchange program with Huishan Vocational College in Wuxi, China. Wuxi is close to Shanghai, a rising metropolis and international business location. Huishan Vocational College is an impressive centre of learning with more than 25,000 students and about 380 teachers.
12 students at Adam-Josef-Cüppers Vocational College have been taking a class in Mandarin Chinese since August 2006. In May 2007 we were glad to host a delegation of Huishan Vocational College here in Ratingen, preparing the further steps towards a successful cooperation.
Brief Intro duction of Huishan Vocational Education College of Jiangsu Province 

Huishan Vocational Education College of Jiangsu Province

Founded in 1968, Huishan Vocational Education College of Jiangsu Province is a state-owned, public oper  ated vocational college approved by Jiangsu Provincial Government. The predecessors of this school are Wuxi County Xianfeng Middle School, Wuxi County Industry Sc  hool and Xishan City  Industry School. lt became the first national model vocational school and qualified vocational education college approved by Jiangsu Provincial Government in 1996. Now there are two campuses Luoshe and Yangshan possessed by this school, which covers an area of 227 mu ( 150,000 m²) with a total construction area of 72439 square metres. Its campuses are modern with beautiful grounds and productive atmosphere, making them ideal studying places for students. Now there are more than 5,000 full-time students, excluding 20,000 or so part-time students per year.

This college has advanced teaching and training equipment worth 20,000,000 yuan RMB. The campus network connected to the Internet covers every teaching and managing department. The college is equipped with closed audio and video system, multi-media classrooms, language labs, classrooms with audio-visual education System and advanced computer labs with 600 computers. It possesses more than 30 basic industrial labs, mechanical and electrical control comprehensive lab benches, PLC, digital circuit and analog circuit comprehensive distribution room and so on. In addition, it has 19 sets of advanced equipment, including manufacturing centers, digital controlled lathes, digital controlled milling machines, linear cutting machines as well as 50 traditional lathes. These perfect facilities provide a reliable guarantee for the study of professional knowledge and skills of all students. Furthermore, a sport hall and a standard sports field with 400-rnetre racetrack arc also built here. The college library facilities provide not only 100,000 books but also features advanced media searching systems and electronic reading rooms. The college provides perfect living facilities for the students and the dorm buildings arc managed as apartments.

The school takes "characterized schooling, specific majors, and skilled individuals" as the primary goals of vocational education. The study system combines five-year and three-year technical secondary vocational education after junior high school, classes aiming at university entrance and workforce training, which forms a diversified and multiform school mode. Our school offers 6 departments with 15 majors including Electromechanical Numerical Control, Electrotechnics and Electronics, Computer, Chemical Industry, Financial and Commercial Trade, Tourism and Cookery. Among which, Numerical Control Technology Application, Electronic Information Technology, and Computer Network Technology arc provincial demonstration majors; Electromechanical Technology Application and Fine Chemical Industry arc municipal core majors; The school has been selected as the nurturing base for the talents in short demand with the major of Electronic Techno1ogy Application by Education Department of Jiangsu Province in 2005. In addition, there are 5 majors offered to five-year technical secondary classes.

Huishan Vocational Education College of Jiangsu Province

Now the collcee enjoys a high level of teaching force with rich teaching experience and excellent professional skills. There are more than 380 staff, of whom 28% have senior professional title, 57% medium professional title. Over 50% of the professional teachers arc twin-type teachers (professor and engineer). 15 teachers have obtained master degrees. What's more, the principle is awarded as Wuxi City Outstanding Principle, more than 100 teachers have won various teaching prizes. Some have been conferred the title of Provincial or City Exemplary Teachers and Leading Educators of various subjects.

The Predecessor of Yangshan campus is originally Jiangsu Province Yangshan Vocational Senior Middle School, which is one of the first national key vocational schools. It is located in the famous peach producing area - Yangshan Town, Wuxi City. In 2003 it was combined with the Huishan Vocational Education College of Jiangsu Province. It offers courses on the third industry, such as secretary, economy, business and trade etc. Its majors are as following: English for Economic Trade, Commercial Japanese, Dress Designing and Technology, Decoration Designing, Electronic Commercial Affairs, Financial Accounting, Afforestation and Gardens Designing, Computer Information Technology, Tourism Administration and Cookery.

Having experienced more than 25 years of continuing growth, the school has adhered to the human-based principle and combined produce, study and research. We carry out teaching reform greatly and accelerate the modernization drive of our majors. At the same time, we learn and seek the CBE teaching method and try the credit system and flexible period of schooling. We implement multi-certificate policy with the classifying teaching form introduced. The professional abilities of the students are improved with a qualified rate of more than 90%. Our standardized and strict closed management, excellent style of schooling, outstanding achievements in teaching gain wide public approval of the students, their parents, enterprises and the whole society. We sign contacts with more than 28 local enterprises for long-term cooperation. Our graduates enjoy such great popularity with employers for their solid knowledge, perfect professional skills and practical operation skills that the employment rate of our students is over 98%. What's more, the enrollment rate of our Once-off Aiming at University Entrance is also over 98%. We develop various part-time skill training classes with the training number of about 25000 peoplc a year. We have an International Cooperation and Communication Center, a Training Center, Zhongwei Human Resource Developing Company, Flowers and Plants Company, which increase the students' abilities and on the other hand, provide a beneficial condition for the students to go abroad for further study. We have been awarded as Jiangsu Advanced Moral School, Wuxi Civilized Unit, Wuxi Advanced Routine Management School, Wuxi Sample School in Mental Health, Wuxi Garden Unit in succession. And we have been the members of the National Vocational High School Committee, the Chinese Mechanical Industry Education Institution, the National City Vocational Education Research Center and Jiangsu Vocational Education Institution.

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